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Hey guys any tips on jow to get business email ? And is it a must ? And wher i can find the house registration number . I applied for what they told me and paid 14pounds what can ivdo next ? Thank you guys i appriciate your help 😁
bonjour est ce que c'est obligé de faire un site écran et une adresse pro pour que stripe m'accepte??
hello dhI711 can see you leave in Spain. I'm in Spain too how is e-commerce going? like to hear from you
Hello from Ukraine. Last time you had advised me how to pay directly the Delaware tax directly. Thank again. Possibly do you no the way how to close Delaware LLC cheaper then provided by agent for $400? Is there is a direct way? Thanks in advance.
hi houssem, may i ask how you get approved by BlueSnap? They rejected my application as i have a legit business company too.
Hi, I live in Thailand, I want to open a Bluesnap account in the United States, I have an LLC company in Delaware I have an EIN and I have a physical bank (Bank of America). can I open an account without being resident in the US and without SSN and ITIN? Thank you in advance for your answers
Hi there, I noticed that you are planning on getting a real US bank account which is something I can do for you easily. I can also get you a LLC and an EIN all in one package for such a low price that you would never expect. If you are interested, please contact me on Facebook: