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  1. AdilMaf

    Stipe Phone number for verification is requiered to remove test mode

    Use Dingtone. Btw I have I think you missed my free guide "The Non Resident Survival guide" I'm sharing these stuff there
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    This topic is open to exchange on the current situation parceiros.
  3. AdilMaf

    PAYONEER VS TRANSFERWISE for non-resident dropshippers

    Payoneer VS Transferwise for non-resident dropshippers/digital Marketers. Enjoy! 😀
  4. AdilMaf

    (UK STRIPE ) LTD in UK be aware about home address verification

    There's a solution for the address. Unfortunately I can't share it publicly here to avoid saturation like what happened with my previously shared methods. Anyone serious about this checkout this link: Regarding the physical simcard you can get one...
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    Tip to prevent STRIPE Account shutdown (For non supported countries)

    Here's a new Youtube video with a tip to prevent STRIPE account shutdown. I hope it helps.
  6. AdilMaf

    💳TRANSFERWISE Debit Card for non supported countries (Business account)

    Just dropped a new video Parceiros, check it out!
  7. AdilMaf

    UK STRIPE legally for non supported countries and non UK-resident

    I trust them as we both speak the same language, they're familiar with Paypal Ebay...
  8. AdilMaf

    UK STRIPE legally for non supported countries and non UK-resident

    You put your home country address when getting the UK LTD. And once you get approved by Tide you can use their bank statement as proof of address (Received at the office address)
  9. AdilMaf

    UK STRIPE legally for non supported countries and non UK-resident

    Hey fam! This topic is dedicated to the new video, If I've forgot to mention anything, or if anyone is stuck with anything feel free to share in here ;)
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    Payoneer Payment

    Payoneer to Payoneer takes less than 30 min.
  11. AdilMaf

    Another option for opening a bank account in usa

    Looks scammy... If anyone is serious about opening a physical US bank account feel free to reach out. I have some solid solutions.
  12. AdilMaf

    Open Usa bank account..

    Some people reported some problems with them. I don't endorse these guys anymore. Feel free to reach out, I have some good and solid alternative solution. My instagram @adil.maf or via email eliteaccelerator @
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    Hola a todos

    Hola! Puede hablar conmigo en Instagram, yo creo que puedo ajudar te, He ayudado a muchos muchachos en Latam. Me agrega, . Salud!
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    Stripe European accounts for shopify

    Hola amigos, hay una solcion! I'll be posting a video about this week on my Youtube channel: Btw been in Colombian and LOVED IT! Amazing people, amazing country! Moving to live in there next year ;)
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    hi from Brazil

    Oi! Seja bem vindo!
  16. AdilMaf

    Do Stripe flag the domain name after being banned?

    Yes they do. Better restarting fresh.
  17. AdilMaf

    Greetings from North Macedonia!

    Welcome on board buddy!
  18. AdilMaf

    Stripe kicks me out after 18 months ( UPDATE )

    That's a good news, so they only disabled the new one. But it's better to get some backup plans just in case.
  19. AdilMaf

    Verified Stripe for sale. How do they do it ?

    I won't recommend you such services, accounts don't last, they get shut down once you make couple bucks ;)