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Hi there, I noticed that you are planning on getting a real US bank account which is something I can do for you easily. I can also get you a LLC and an EIN all in one package for such a low price that you would never expect. If you are interested, please contact me on Facebook: https://facebook.com/amir.wagih73
hey lcavala, i saw your post obout paypal guest checkout. Did u fix that problem
Hello dear, i hope you're doing well.
I saw your post about "opening a US bank account" which is something i plan to do.
I went to your website to know more and i have some questions:

1- I saw a package which include the formation of an LLC. I would like to know if it also include the application for the EIN Number?

2- After making the payement, Will we get the form to fill or what will happen?

Thanks in advance

I am great, thank you for reaching.

1-Yes you can see on the website that EIN is also included.

2-After the payment there'll be a form that you'll fill up and attach your documents, for more info here is a video that explains about our process: https://youtu.be/5oLA3Zxafo4

Thank you, anything else you want to discuss do not hesitate to email me personally from ugurfba@gmail.com